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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fluff filled nothingness

Dedication. Consistency. Time. An interest to stay up past 9:00 p.m. A belief that my life is worth sharing.

These are all things I need to be a blogger.

I have discovered in the past few weeks, I am about as good as blogging as I am at writing in my journal. Actually- I am better at writing in my journal. So I suck at blogging. I recognize that my lack of blogging is not leaving a gaping hole of emptyness in the blogging world...and this only helps the days pass with more ease. So what to I do about it? Address it and move on.

There are good reasons but more on that later.

Its funny though, when I log into my blogger account I see drafts from days past that I read and enjoy. Why didn't I just push publish and be done with them? Who knows, but I recognize that it makes no real difference whether they sit there as drafts or get published to the 3 lovely followers I have. Either way, I am happy that I didn't just given in to the passing of too much time. Here I am! I will continue to show up in some irregular fashion.

Recently in the Still House...
I have been seriously missing the 1/2 house. All 400 sq feet of it. Full of reminiscing and without any reality.

Moosh, the other man around the house has found himself to be a very handsome, snuggly house cat. This is wildly new to me. At the 1/2 house Moosh lived a life full of adventure.

Sawyer has seriously taken to music! So far Raffi and Beatles are her favorites. It's also a great distraction during daddy's world famous pedicures.
Our back yard has turned into a jungle and we have none of the equipment to tackle it. Both elements are on our to-do list. 1) Get stuff to tackle the jungle.2) Tackle the jungle. Unearth the earth is my motto for this project. No photos of the currents state of the jungle.

Have a happy, sunny weekend!

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