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Monday, December 31, 2012

A whole house doesn't a home make

Just over a month ago we spent our 1st night in the house I need to learn to know as home. Leaving our old house was hard. Aaron and I moved into that house young in love, 3 months into a relationship, and nearly 6 years later we moved out as a complete family- a 4 month old baby, 2 dogs & 2 cats. That house held a lot of life for a long time, but one little baby made us out grow that house within a week of her arrival.

You outgrow one 'cave' and you move on to the next. So with tears in my eyes and poorly packed boxes...we moved.

An honest before and a poorly angled after. 

And with the move Sawyer gained her very own room. For the 10 months of my pregnancy I was free from planning a nursery because...well, we didn't have a nursery or so much as a spare closet for the baby. But now, I have a room that needs to be decorated and detailed for Sawyer and I don't have 10 months to spare.  But two accomplishments have gotten us much closer! A Jenny Lind crib painted turquoise, just as I wanted, and much loved art to begin covering her walls in.

I truly should have used the photo showing these hung. Those will come another day.
Sawyer and I helped prep, took a quick photo and retreated into house away from the fumes.

Cheers to what comes from here! New caves and plenty more!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Last Day Earth. NOT!

What a better day to begin a blog than the day after the mythical last day of the earths existence. So it begins! As of yet, I have no idea what direction this blog will go in but I owe it to myself after years of suppressing the urge to write somewhere outside of my journal, to give it a good ol' New years Resolution attempt.

If it had been the last day on earth that would have meant-
We wouldn't be hitting the beautiful I-10 East headed to Palm Springs this weekend.

I wouldn't get the thrill of braving the world for some good ol' last minute shopping.

We would have missed out on so many fun adventures and dance parties  with Sawyer Day. Boo!

I would have been relieved from the guilt of a not made/broken New Years Resolution.

And sooo much more....

If it absolutely had been the earths last day it would not have found me in the throws of glamour but it would have found me surrounded by everything I truly loved- the man of my heart, the fruit of my womb, and the beginnings of my ark.

Cheers! Now to the open road.

This is a vaguely un-related photo chosen simply because those cheeks are to die for yet make me want to live this life a million times over.
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