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Monday, December 31, 2012

A whole house doesn't a home make

Just over a month ago we spent our 1st night in the house I need to learn to know as home. Leaving our old house was hard. Aaron and I moved into that house young in love, 3 months into a relationship, and nearly 6 years later we moved out as a complete family- a 4 month old baby, 2 dogs & 2 cats. That house held a lot of life for a long time, but one little baby made us out grow that house within a week of her arrival.

You outgrow one 'cave' and you move on to the next. So with tears in my eyes and poorly packed boxes...we moved.

An honest before and a poorly angled after. 

And with the move Sawyer gained her very own room. For the 10 months of my pregnancy I was free from planning a nursery because...well, we didn't have a nursery or so much as a spare closet for the baby. But now, I have a room that needs to be decorated and detailed for Sawyer and I don't have 10 months to spare.  But two accomplishments have gotten us much closer! A Jenny Lind crib painted turquoise, just as I wanted, and much loved art to begin covering her walls in.

I truly should have used the photo showing these hung. Those will come another day.
Sawyer and I helped prep, took a quick photo and retreated into house away from the fumes.

Cheers to what comes from here! New caves and plenty more!


  1. oh wow, that artwork and crib is amazing! i can't wait to see sawyer's finished room! i'll be honest, 90% of my reason for wanting a girl was that i had a grand image of a baby girl's nursery made out in yellows & corals & greens. i really had to change my frame of reference when i found out i was having a boy.

    i remember feeling so bittersweet when we bought our house and moved out of our apartment. i was very much ready to be out of there...but seeing it empty really got me sad. we shared so many memories there. a new home = new memories though. happy memory making!


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